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The GDPR compliant alternative to Google Analytics.

We are GDPR, DSGVO, RGPD compliant* user friendly and ensure the privacy of your users.

*Compliance against other standards is probable

The legally compliant alternative to Google Analytics.

We comply with all essential data protection requirements. Without complicated presettings.

DSGVO/GDPR/RGPD compliant.

Avoid costly data breaches. You can use Fair Analytics in compliance with European data protection standards and meet the requirements of national and European law.

Free sample legal texts.

In order for you to be able to explain the use of Fair Analytics in your privacy policy, we provide you with sample texts for this purpose. If you obtain the consent of your users for analysis with Fair Analytics with a Consent Banner, you can integrate our sample texts for Consent Banners.

Contract for order processing.

According to the European General Data Protection Regulation, as soon as user data is processed you must conclude a contract processing agreement with the service provider/contractor (us). This transparently defines the measures we take with regard to data protection. This gives you and us the necessary legal certainty when processing user data. With us, you will receive the order processing contract directly after registration by e-mail.

We ensure maximum data protection.

We respect the privacy of your users.

Servers and companies in Germany.

We store the analysis data exclusively on secure German servers. The servers run on green electricity, have an availability of 99.99% and are certified according to ISO 27001. We are a German company with German Corporate Headquarters. As such, we are not covered by the United States Cloud Act and cannot be required to share user data.

Pseudonymized user data.

The collected user data is completely pseudonymized on our server via one-way-hash. It is not possible to "reverse engineer" this pseudonymized data. Neither from us nor from third parties. The analysis data is not passed on or used for our own purposes.

No use of cookies (lightweight mode)

When choosing the lightweight mode, our tool works completely without cookies and we do not "track" users over several days.

Easier than Google Analytics.

Save on training and support costs. Unlike Google Analytics, Fair Analytics is understandable and user-friendly. It can be quickly integrated into existing pages.

Everything at a glance.

With us you will find all evaluations clearly summarized on one page:

Pageviews | Landing Pages | Exit Pages | Bounce Rate | Referrers | Countries | Operating system | Device | Browser | Screen Resolution | UTMs | Browser Language

Share the statistics with clients/colleagues.

With just a few clicks you can invite other users and team members, giving them access to the statistics.

Understandable interaction recordings (videos) and heatmaps.

To better understand your users' behavior, we also offer heat maps and interaction recordings. Interaction recordings are playbacks of users scrolling, moving, and clicking on your website. Interaction recordings help you understand how users behave on your website and where they have problems.

Rapid integration. WordPress plugin included.

Fair Analytics can be easily integrated into your site within 15 minutes. You can generate a tracking code for your website, after you have created an account with us. Then add this by hand, or with our WordPress plugin, into the header of your website. Done.

8 Advantages over Google Analytics.

Fair Analytics Google Analytics

User data protected from the USA's Cloud Act.

On March 23, 2018, the United States passed the CLOUD Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act). The CLOUD Act is a US law that allows US authorities to access data stored by US companies or their subsidiaries on servers outside the USA. Thus, US companies can be obliged by a US court to hand over their user data which is stored on German servers. However, as a German company, we are not subject to the Cloud Act. We can not be ordered to pass on data to US authorities.

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