Breaking news: Use of Google Analytics illegal in France (read more) and Austria (read more)

Privacy friendly and easy web analytics

Web analytics doesn’t have to be complicated. Fair Analytics is clear, can be integrated quickly, and its use is legally and data protection-wise unobjectionable.

Legally compliant

We comply with all essential data protection requirements. To enable you to use Fair Analytics in a legally compliant manner, we have commissioned the law firm, which specializes in data protection, to prepare sample texts and a legal opinion.

No use of cookies

Our tool works completely without cookies. We do not “track” users over several days, but analyze daily user behavior with sessions. The collected user data is completely pseudonymized on our server via one-way-hash. The analysis data are also not passed on or used for own purposes.

European servers and company

We store the analysis data exclusively on secure German servers. The servers run on green electricity, have an availability of 99.99% and are certified according to ISO 27001. We are a German company with German Corporate Headquarters. As such, we are not covered by the United States Cloud Act and cannot be required to share user data. 

Understandable analytics data

Save on training and support costs. Unlike Google Analytics, Fair Analytics is understandable and user-friendly. It can be quickly integrated into existing pages. With us you will find all evaluations clearly summarized on one page:

Easy integration

Fair Analytics can be easily integrated into every website. If you are using WordPress, you can also use our Plugin for the integration.

Free trial and pricing

Free trial for 7 days. 0
  • Test 7 days free of charge
  • No credit card necessary
  • Unlimited trial version
  • After the test phase, your already recorded data will not be lost.
Basic plan 2,99 per month
  • Tracking for 1 domain / website
    • Legally compliant
    • Privacy friendly
    • Easy to integrate, easy to use
    • WordPress Plugin included
    • Fast support
Multi domain plan 7,99 per month
  • Tracking for 15 domains / websites
    • Legally compliant
    • Privacy friendly
    • Easy to integrate, easy to use
    • WordPress Plugin included
    • Fast support
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