WordPress plugin

With our WordPress plugin, you can integrate Fair Analytics into your website within minutes.

This is how it works

1. Install our wordpress plugin

You can install the wordpress plugin in 2 ways.

Automatically in your WordPress account (recommended)
Log in to WordPress and go to the menu item “Install Plugins”. Under “Search plugins” enter “Fair Analytics”. Once you have found our plugin, click on “Install now” and then on “Activate”.

Download and manual upload
Download the plugin on this page. Then log into your WordPress account and go to the menu item “Plugins > Install plugins”. There you click on the button “Upload plugin” next to the headline. Under “Select file” select our downloaded plugin. Click on “Install now” and then activate the plugin.

2. Register an account on our site and create a tracking ID for your website

After you have registered with us and logged in with your email address and password, you can generate a tracking ID for your website.

3. Copy the tracking ID into the plugin

Go to the admin area of your website and under “Settings > Fair Analytics” add the tracking ID that you have previously created in your Fairanalytics account for your website. You can do this by copy and paste. Click on “Save”. Then activate the analysis.

4. Ready

If you have set everything correctly, we will now collect the visitor data of your website. You can find the analyses in your Fair Analytics account under “My analyses”. Please select the appropriate website there.

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