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Integration / Installation

Add web page

After you have logged in, click on “Add website” on the “My analytics” page.

Add domain

Please enter the address of the website you want to analyze. For example,

The following spellings are possible:

If you want to analyze a subdomain, you can also specify it. For example A subdomain is treated as a separate (new) domain and must be created separately.

The following spellings are possible:

Set time zone

Please enter the desired time zone in which your recorded data should be displayed.

Tracking code and domain ID

After you define the time zone, the tracking code and domain ID for your website will appear. Now you have to insert the tracking code into the area on all pages/subpages of your website. You need the domain ID if you want to use our WordPress plugin.

Integrate Fair Analytics into your website

Integration via WordPress plugin

If you manage your website(s) with WordPress, you can conveniently add Fair Analytics to your site using our WordPress plugin. First, install the plugin in WordPress.

Log in to your WordPress website as an administrator (usually

  1. Then go to “Plugins > Install” in the menu and enter “Fair Analytics” in the search. Then install our plugin and activate it.
  2. Alternatively, you can download our plugin here. After downloading, you can integrate it into WordPress at “Install Plugin > > Upload Plugin”.
  3. After you have installed and activated the plugin, go to “Settings > Fair Analytics”.
  4. There you enter the domain ID that you have previously generated in your Fair Analytics account. Click “Save” and then activate Fair Analytics.

Now the tracking code is inserted into the <Head>-area of your web page and your web page is analyzed by us.
Please log in to your account for the evaluations.

Manual integration

For this you need access to your web server/web space. Add the tracking code within the tags on all subpages of your website.

Often you will also find the tag in a central file for the header area of your page. Then you only have to insert the tracking code once.

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