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Understanding analytics


Sessions are the core principle of Fair Analytics. When a user enters your site, we start a session for that user. During a session, we record for the visitor his visited pages as well as the respective duration of stay and invisibility. If the user leaves your site, the session is interrupted and resumed when the user re-enters the site.

How long does a session last?

A session ends automatically at midnight, so it can last a maximum of 24 hours. If the user enters your site on the same day with a different device or browser, a new session is created for the user.

What is captured during a session?

When a user enters your website, we record the page from which he entered your website, his country of residence and details of his terminal device. During the day, we record for this user his visited pages as well as the associated duration of stay and invisibility.

Page views

Each time a user enters a page, we record this page view and associate it with the appropriate page. A user can visit a page multiple times during a session and accordingly generate multiple page views for a page.

Page views / session

This value allows you to find out which pages are visited multiple times by a user during a session. These can be, for example, overview pages or start pages.

Visit duration

Average time your users spend actively on the corresponding page. If a user changes tabs or temporarily leaves the browser, the time is stopped. This means that we only record the time a user actively spends on the site.

Invisibility duration

If a user has opened your page but is in another tab or (program) window, this is recorded with the average time away for each page.


Pages/platforms from which users have entered your site.


Country of residence of the users.


For each session, we collect the user’s device type, browser, and operating system.

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